Two Crude Cubes Studio

An indie video game studio based in Athens.

Who Two Crude Cubes Are?

A Little About Us
We are a video game studio that we grew up playing all the classics: Pang! , Streets of Rage, Outrun, you name it! So we decided to recreate the awesome feeling we got as little kids by creating video games inspired from that era for the next generations to enjoy.

Our Video Game Releases

This is just the beginning!


PopDat! is inspired by the classic game Pang / Super Buster Bros but with an emphasis on point scoring and fast action.Take control of a toy elephant and survive as long as you can while aiming for the high score.
PopDat! mobile video game is currently available for Android phones and tablets, under two versions: the lite one, which contains 10 levels and the full one which contains 30 levels.
Download PopDat!
Download PopDat!

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